Our Mission

The mission of Millennium Medical Group is to achieve a true patient, physician partnership. Bringing together all spectrums of the medical system to foster good health in body and mind of our patients, partners and associates. We commit to do this at affordable costs and of the highest quality.
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Meet Our Doctors

Millennium Medical Centers consists of several physician offices located in Southeastern Michigan and operates up-to-date Diagnostic facilities.

Diagnostic Center

Offering our patients the most advanced imaging services available in southeastern Michigan, utilizing cutting-edge technology.
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Medical Mall

The Millennium Medical Building will allow you to take care to all of your medical needs in one place. We have our physicians working together to provide you with the most complete healthcare possible.
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Sleep Clinic

At Millennium Sleep Clinic, we apply the latest scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat patients who have problems with sleeping and alertness.

Michigan Healthcare Professionals, P.C. would like to congratulate our physicians on being recognized as